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The eight U.S. Regional Fishery Management Councils were established in 1976 under the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) to manage fishery resources in federal waters of the United States.

Fishery Management Councils

Each Council is responsible for developing fishery management plans for the fisheries in their region that require conservation and management. These management plans are designed to prevent overfishing, rebuild fish stocks, and protect, restore, and promote the long-term health and stability of U.S. fisheries. While each Council is unique, they all make management decisions through a transparent, collaborative, and science-based process.

Council Meeting Calendar

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Council Coordination Committee (CCC)

The CCC consists of the chairs, vice chairs, and executive directors from each of the eight Councils. The general purpose of the CCC is to discuss issues of relevance to all Councils. The CCC usually meets twice each year.